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  • The scan had taken hours then quit. Every single link on my website is not 404. It also didn’t even scan past the first page.
    Before I installed this there was nothing about having to pay for it. I can get many other free plugins to do the same job as this one.

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  • Plugin Author Marco Beierer


    Hi @cmba

    I’m sorry that the Link Checker made you feel so bad that you had to leave a one star review.

    If something doesn’t work, there is a support forum and I’m very responsive. The most issues are caused by badly configured web hosts or websites, but are resolved quickly.

    There is no need to pay for the plugin if you have a small to medium size website. Up to 500 URLs per scan are free.

    If you would have had a look at the description of the plugin, you would have seen within a few seconds that the free version is limited. Sorry, but if you don’t read the description, I’m unable to tell you that you have to pay for some extra features.

    The Link Checker uses servers operated by me to check for broken URLs. I thus have to rent and operate servers, which is not free, to provide the service. I have also invested hundreds of hours of my time in the development of the plugin. So I think it is reasonable to take a small amount for the usage with large websites or do you work for free?

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Marco Beierer


    I just had a quick look at your website and you have set a crawl-delay of 60 seconds in your robots.txt. The Link Checker and other crawlers are thus just allowed to visit one page every 60 seconds.

    This explains why it was so slow, but the Link Checker shows a clearly visible alert message in these cases and the message also explains how you can change the crawl-delay!

    I have a medium size website. It didn’t scan past the first page even though it said it scanned over 100 links. Every link scanned was a 404. I do work for free btw. Also it says nothing in the add plugin search about it not being premium. I check for reviews, users, and latest update date.
    Also I’m sure the 404 issue has to do with my security settings not allowing 3rd party servers from scanning the site. I was expecting a plugin that ran a local scan.

    Plugin Author Marco Beierer


    Thank you for your reply, but why have you not just used the support forum?

    If you do a plugin search in WordPress and open the plugin details, there is a description which clearly states that it is not totally free and also clearly states that it uses an external server to crawl your website and check for broken links.

    See for example , this page is also shown in the plugin search if you click to view the details.

    Sorry, to be to harsh, but it just makes me sad that the plugin is now dead (under 4 stars overall rating) just because of people like you who don’t use the free support forum or complain that there is also a paid version and leave a one star review because of that.

    By the way, if you really work for free for a non profit organization, I gave away lots of free tokens for the pro version to non profit organizations over the last years.

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