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  • I had faith on this plugin after reading all the good reviews.

    Unfortunately, that wasn´t my experience.

    After installing and playing with the settings, it locked me out from the site. It didn´t recognize/accept my valid username and password when login, and it just didn´t let me into the admin area (using the right credentials!). God knows which setting was to blame for this (or maybe it wasn´t a setting, maybe it was a bug).

    I thought ok, being locked out of your own site is kind of normal with security plugins. Maybe it was a bad setting…

    However, the problem is that I never could restore normal functionality after it logged my out.

    I tried everything. I erased the code in htaccess…nothing. I replaced the htaccess with the original…nothing.

    I had to change the plugin name via FTP to deactivate it and regain access to my site. Once inside I never could make it to work again. When I restored the original name via FTP and try to activate it, I get an error: plugin doesn´t exist.

    I tried several times but never could go back into the settings area to change whatever was giving me problems. I finally gave up.

    After deactivating and deleting, it really doesn´t cleans itself and uninstalls properly. It leaves behind stuff in the wp-content and tables in the database (this is a double edge sword, because it is also good to leave it untouched).

    I didn´t really want to erase manually, so I had to wipe off my whole site and restored a clean backup.

    Sadly, this plugin didn´t work for me 🙁

    I think it´s still buggy and needs more testing.

    It seems promising, but it´s not there yet.

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  • Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hello andresito, thank you for your review. The developers will take all that you have mentioned here and see if anything can be improved.

    In regards to the security option this great plugins has to offer, there are various options. You have the following options, basic, intermediate and advanced security levels. All of these options have a help link or instructions to explain what they do and and how you can recover from any issues that might arise especially from the advanced options.

    In regards to you being lockout is probably because of the Brute force options. Most users activate one or the other depending on your server settings one will work better than the other. Very few lock themselves out and if they do when they asked here in the forum help is available very quickly.

    As you mentioned in the following comment.

    I had faith on this plugin after reading all the good reviews.

    That lets you know that many are happy with this plugin and the amount of support they receive is great.

    If you ask in the support forum, one of the developers will help you and assist you in unlocking you from your site.

    The following LINK will assist you further.

    Once again thank you for your review.

    Kind regards

    I understand that you can lock yourself out with the brute force settings, or with any other settings. That will happen sooner or later with every ecurity plugin…

    What irritates me though, is that I follow all instructions to get back into the site (erase code in htaccess, restore original htaccess) and it didn´t work. I simply couldn´t get into the settings area to modify the brute force settings…

    I finally gave up and uninstalled…

    It shouldn´t be so problematic to regain access to the settings area, but unfortunately, it was with this plugin…

    You should reevaluate and test this over and over, because it didn´t work, even following the instructions…

    Regaining access to the admin dashboard should be as simple as pie (in any security plugin or other)…

    If it is not simple, it means it needs further development and revision…

    Sorry, but a plugin shouldn´t give this kind of issues if it really wants to excel..

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi I understand what you are saying. I have being using this plugin on all my sites and only locked myself out once because I typed the password incorrectly a few times.

    Please read the following URL which is from the developers website, it goes into depth about this great plugin.

    I know that if you tried this plugin again and had an issue, there would be great support available for you.

    Kind regards

    I did follow those instrution, but couldn´t regain access to the settings unfortunately 🙁

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi andresito, what kind of server to you have, windows or apache? Who is your host?


    I have Apache and I host in Future Hosting…

    Here´s a summary of what happen:

    Everything was working well one day (apparently), but the next day I tried to do the login and it didn´t recognize my valid username and password. It simply says that my IP was blocked, but it shouldn´t be blocked because my credentials were correct (I even had my IP on the whitelist page)

    The last configuration I had was this (that I remember):

    -All basic settings activated
    -404 errors/blocking activated
    -Some IPs on the blacklist (not my IP)
    – cookie brute force setting activated

    Also, I had activated and deactivated some intermediate/advance features the day before.

    Next day, I went to the new login link (it was like and it was impossible to log in (It did show the login page, but it didn´t recognize my username/password and it says my IP was blocked, contact an administrator).

    I tried to regain access erasing all code from .htaccess and nothing. I restored the original .htaccess, no luck there either.

    I had to rename folder via FTP to deactivate plugin and gain access to the dashboard. Once inside the dashoard I change folder name to the original name via FTP and try to activate plugin again (cause it was deactivated)

    However, it was impossible to activate the plugin again. It kept saying “plugin doesn´t exist” (or something like that). So I never could enter the settings page to change configuration.

    At this point I got frustrated, deactivate the plugin and delete it.

    The plugin didn´t erase everything that it installed, it leaved all the database tables and the backup folder AIOWP BACKUP in the wp-content. I didn´t know how to erase manually all the tables in the DB, so I ended up erasing everything and installing the backup again.

    Where are the instructions to fully remove the plugin and all its database entries? This I would like to know…

    I think getting locked out of the site can happen when people play with settings. As such, it is absolutely important to have a SAFETY DEVICE, in case something like this happens…

    It would be something that allows people to RESET EVERYTHING and go back to the admin>>settings and change the problematic settings.

    Evidently, this plugin doesn´t have this safety device…I think this is something you should work on

    I hope this helps

    It´s a shame that I hadn´t had luck with this plugin cause it looks promising 🙁

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi click on the following URL. This is a youtube video that shows you how to completely delete the plugin from your website without login into WordPress. This video was created by the developers.

    Once you have successfully worked out how to totally removed the plugin, you can install it again and start slowly activating the options. Don’t activate any of the Brute force rules just yet. Make sure first that all the basic and some of the intermediate rules work for you. If they do then create backups of the files that the plugin advices you to make.

    Let me know if this helps you.


    I did follow those instructions (not the phpmyadmin but the ftp method)

    And even so…It was impossible to reactivate the plugin again. It gave error “plugin wasn´t found” all the time.

    No succesful reactivation means no access to the settings. So I never could modify the settings

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi andresito, in regards to your comment…

    (not the phpmyadmin but the ftp method)

    That is very important to carry out if you want to totally remove the plugin when issues like this may arise. If you perform this the plugin will be totally removed and you should be able to install it again without any issues.

    Kind regards

    But it didn´t remove the database tables nor the backup folder…

    If you want to totally remove this, you need to erase the databse tables manually and erase the backup folder from wp-content

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi I see what you mean, perhaps you might want to contact the developers and find out what is the best method to totally remove the plugin. Although if you read all the tutorials they have added in their website, they illustrate clearly how to totally remove the plugin. Remember that a security plugin in some cases will take over the database and or other files to implement security.

    I also want to point out that all who are using this plugin are very happy with it. I also use this plugin on 8 websites on different servers with different host without any problems.

    Let me know if I can assist you further.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author wpsolutions


    In all fairness you didn’t really give us a reasonable amount of time and the chance to help you to rectify the apparent problem you were having.
    This is why I think that your labelling of the plugin as “useless and worthless” is quite harsh and unjustified.

    We could’ve easily arranged to look at your site and most probably would’ve been able to resolve or clarify the behaviour you were seeing.

    I´m pretty sure is a good plugin…

    I just trash it because I was pissed that it didn´t work for me.

    My website was recently hacked and I wasn´t using any security whatsoever. So over the last week I´ve been under a lot of stress trying to clean the mess and researching security plugins.

    I had high hopes with this plugin cuz all the great reviews. Unfortunately, it didn´t work for me.

    Sometimes it happens…It´s a matter of luck and chemestry I guess 🙂

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi @andresito I understand perfectly what you are saying. If you don’t mind perhaps you could change the wording to something like this plugin has great reviews but I could not get it to work for me 🙂

    However as you can see we are here to help you and get this plugin to work on your website if you so choose to use it again 🙂

    Kind regards

    Yes, maybe I´ll change this to something less harsh…

    But I don´t know how to change it.

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