• A limited number of times would be more useful than making a partial scan and flagging 4 ‘suspicious’ files and then saying “give us money and we’ll finish”.

    The flagged ‘problem’? a line in a plugin that reads: $taxonomy = ‘post_tag’;

    By the way; ‘suspecious’ [sic] is spelt suspicious

    Sorry chaps, $10 a month? You’re having a laugh.

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  • Plugin Author Shieldfy


    Sorry for disappointing you.
    – About limited number of files , I think you are right limited number of scans is more convenient. its a business decision but i promise we will have strong conversation about it in the company.
    – The flagged problem: it’s not actually a problem , the scanner scan files structure and try to identify malwares by code behavior , so its just a suspicious file not infected. ( i agree that line is not suspicious, i am sure its not only that line cause it to be suspicious ).
    – Sorry for the misspelling we will fix it.

    Sorry Again for having this experience , but we will take every point you said seriously ,i promise.

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