• I’m editing and updating this. I jumped the gun on this and wasn’t using it properly so I blamed it on the plugin instead of pilot error.

    Here’s the deal. For the free plugin on a non Elementor, non WooCommerce theme, it works just fine. I have a ton of categories for a review site and it handled 27 “pages” of cities in the US without a hiccup. I gotta add stars for that.

    Free version works fine. I humbly retract my crabby review from awhile back and update it with this nicer, more thoughtful one since I managed to figure it out…and adding stars. Only 4 though.

    Five has to seriously impress me, or do my dishes πŸ™‚

    Devs, please accept my apologies. It’s not you. It’s me. heh.


    Clearly the dev just wants you to spend money on a pro version which is actually functional, and doesn’t really care about the free version being useless.

    Before you bother with this one, consider that everything you’ll want it to do is only available if you pay them.

    The free version is basically, here’s a car! It has no wheels, no gas, no steering wheel, and you can only sit in it in your own driveway.

    If you actually want to USE THE CAR you have to go pro.

    Not when it’s this limited and unable to see how it works with multiple feature sets. You can’t. You get one and it goes in the sidebar and if you have multiple categories it’ll basically list them all the way down the side of the page, drowning out everything else. God forbid you’d just want to set up designated search pages with individual filters to keep things tidy. Give us money to actually use it.

    At this point, I’d fare better just having a categorized menu because that’s all this “free” version boils down to. And because there is no “free” version that’s functional, they guaranteed they won’t be getting my money.

    At the end of the day though, not even google and youtube offer any actual filtered search option. Save your money, or spend it on another filter search plugin that actually delivers value in a free version with extras in a pro version…not the actual functionality in the pro version.

    Hard pass.

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    Thanks for your review. I’m sorry that the plugin seemed useless to you, but it looks like you jumped to conclusions.

    I’ll try to explain:

    The idea behind the free version is that it allows you to filter regular WP_Queries on typical archives and is pretty functional. It allows even more than some of the paid filter plugins. Please see Paul’s review from WPTuts

    But if you need to filter custom WP_Query for example on singular pages that are most often created with paid page builder plugins, you have to use a paid PRO version.

    Thus – the free version for websites created with free tools. Paid version for websites created with paid tools.

    I hope this information was useful to you.

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    I updated this one. Apologies again!

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