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  • Unless it does not display the comments according to the posts it is absolutely useless! Now I have several comments and don’t know what the people mean, or which post it belongs to. Also the checkbox for switching off the credit does not work. So why is it there, if you dont want us to switch it off? And when clicking on the “visit plugin site” at installed plugins, it redirects me to your paypal site for donation. So now I know whats the main priority: money.

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  • Hi nicomania.

    Re: notifications – this is a feature of Facebook and not the plugin.
    Re: link checkbox – this is odd as we cannot replicate this
    Re: “visit plugin site” – this is an error and will be fixed on the next update. However, our plugin homepage is at with all the information.

    I can assure you that money is of no priority with this plugin. It has been downloaded over 140,000 times and only receive the odd donation. I have spent countless hours perfecting this plugin to ensure it works on as many installations as possible.

    Rere: notifications – No, thats not true. Now I kicked your plugin and built in the facebook dev. code myself. When you put in the correct reference, facebook does consider, which site you mean.
    <fb:comments (...) href="<?php trackback_url(display);?>" (...) </fb:comments>

    Rere: linkbox – No, everybody can replicate this. Because the place in your code, where the copyright is sent out, your code is not even intended to “not send” it out.

    Rere: visit plugin site: Fine.

    Thank you for your time and your efforts. But If you are not interested in making good plugins, than please let it be.

    We use the permalink over the trackback URL as the permalink is better for SEO purposes and the trackback can sometimes be different.

    Re: linkbox – this is unusual as I know of many many users who do not have this problem at all.

    We strive to make quality plugins, but we cannot accomodate everyone (which is why the official Facebook plugin may be for you). This is not about quality but about personal preference.

    Of course, I also assume that you know enough code where you could merely hardcode this into your theme directly, thus making the need for the plugin itself uneccessary. We do not use the plugin on our own sites for this very reason.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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