• The first we used it, it didn’t work so we have to open up a ticket, that the data is missing, it took them forever to resolve it so we have to message them for a refund and don’t do anything anymore as we will just sort it out ourselves. We finished the site that day. The next day came the site is messed up so we read emails and we received that their team still continued with the migration process even if we told them earlier not to do so and just give us a refund. So we have to rework the site again with a furious client on the phone definitely, after we fixed it we sent them another message that “please don’t touch anything and please don’t do any and just issue us a refund, yet they kept on sending message that they are sorting it out and their tech will do it again, but we sent them for so many times that please don’t do anything, I think this people can’t understand english.

    Anyway after they messed up our site, we blocked their access and deleted their plugin and the folder they uploaded on our server that gives them access to our database.

    To the makers of this, just give us refund please, because your system is not working.

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