• I really thought when i installed it that it was the best option, but after i used it, it turned out the best option to waste time with. Sorry, not talking about everything because i tried a few options only.

    The options that are very disappointing are the following:

    Comments system: It looks nice, but once you try it, you know how unprofessional it is, after posting a comment the page refreshes it self, and a user can’t even delete their comment?! really?! good job Mr. Developer.

    The second thing is, The hover cards, See, i have my own site, and i want it to stand alone, do you really, really, think i want people to go to Gravatar or what ever its name is, and leave my website? what do you say if i post the Gravatar logo on the front page, and invite all my members to go there because it’s much greater than my site, after all, screw my business if gravar was there..!!! And that’s exactly what the developer of the hover card wanted us to understand, Good job, for making a useless plugin.

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