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  • Absolutely useless for selling photo prints unless you pay him $150 a year. You cant even add a watermark to your images unless you pay him $150 a year. So the whole FREE plugin is pretty much useless.

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  • Plugin Author Thad Allender


    Sorry you feel that way. Over 90% of all of the functionality is in the free plugin. Our extensions add special features that are in no way required to sell photos online.

    If all you want is to watermark your photos, why not use one of the dozens of free plugins that already exist?

    Watermark? If I gave two craps about a watermark I would use Lightroom. The point is something so simple and easy you charge $150 a year for. Why cause you cant just buy one extension. You make people pay for every single one. Even the ones that they will never use.

    And 90% of all functionality is in the free plugin? Really, what serious photographer sells digital media. Serious photographers want to sell prints with multiple sizes and types of paper or even canvas prints. Is that in the 90% cause for most professional photographers that is 100% needed. But I can’t do that unless I pay you $150 a year.

    So let me clarify. For SERIOUS AND PROFESSIONAL photographers this plugin is absolutely worthless unless the author gets paid.

    So folks don’t waste your time with this junk. There are better ones out there that offer all this for a flat one-time fee.

    @agon024: Well, that’s the author’s approach. One could take it as is. What are the “better” solutions you’d recommend?

    @mpek sunshine photo cart plugin is amazing. You have the ability to buy each individual extension that you require or purchase every extension in a bundle for a ONE TIME fee of $149. Not $149 a year like this worthless plugin. That is the one that I am using now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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