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  1. s.r.
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for your input on this subject. Please share if you can your experience, tips and tools.
    I know similar questions appear on internet once or twice in a year..
    But last post I've seen was 2-3 years ago.. therefore all plugins and tips quite outdated..
    So I hope we could open this topic again.

    So the full question is, what tools, plugins, tips you would share with one who wants to develop medium size portal?
    The portal will have to be scaleable up to sizes of techcrunch.
    Required server settings, wordpress configuration, Multisite or not multisite?

    I do understand that there are always will be involved custom developed solutions(plugins, widgets).. But I guess there are out there some ready to go solutions.. that might help to kick off a project with much less development times..

    If there are similar topics, that I might missed.. Please share it..

    Thank you in advance

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