• I am creating a new WordPress site to which the content of an old Dreamweaver site launched in 2003 will be moved. I come across some specific challenges for reaching what I want, and I have to find ways beyond what I had already done on my existing WP sites.
    As I was looking for a way to insert a widget on my (static) welcome page, I tested a few plugins. When I discovered this one, I was impressed, because it was even better than what I had in mind. At first, I felt intimidated by the concept of widgetizing my entire homepage: what if it would no longer work properly after some time, and would it impact other things negatively? But after testing Widgetized Page Template, I was convinced: the widgetized page looks exactly like any other page would do, and doing it is very easy, no complexity on the user side. Amazing and helpful tool. Once again, developers creating WP plugins help making the lives of us (the non techies!) much simpler.

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  • Plugin Author Alexis J. Villegas



    I’m so happy you found the plugin useful and that it helped solve your problem! Thanks for the kinds words.

    If you ever need to do something more complex with your “Widgetized Page”, say for example create a landing page with a custom layout made up completely of widgets, make sure to check out my other plugin Easy Widget Columns. It’s also optimized for the Genesis Framework, and it was developed hand in hand with Widgetized Page Template for this very purpose.

    Cheers and good luck with your website.

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