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  • It’s ad-tastic!

    Umm… Yea, I love anything apple, although I dont have much that is Apple, I’m a fan. Now, Joe is right, that is alot of ads…. like, ALOT of ads… If memory serves me correctly, I think Google has a policy about only having 2 Google ad spaces on each page…. So you might want to check into that. The default theme does work, but it would be interesting to see some customization… Mac-ify it…

    Googles terms of service allows for 3 ads per page.

    Thanks for the feedback though. I have cut down on the ads a bit. I am very new to wordpress so as I learn I will be customizing the site.

    As for Mac sites you may be interested in


    Ok I’ve got a new theme up. Very Mac like, have a look.

    I like it, the theme is nice and simple. The colour scheme is soothing and conveys that it is a Mac site (if you’re a Mac user I guess).

    Saying that I find the buttons confusing, as you expect them to do something.

    Looks nice.

    I would try to work a bit more with images in the posts so it feels more visually compelling. And maybe a different link/text color in the sidebar so you get more distincion between the two (funny coming form me with my site :)). Just a thought. Nice work though!

    U should enable the comments..we’re not allowed to comment 😉

    Looks great though…thumbs up!

    Comments are allowed you just have to register on the site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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