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  • Dozens of people have posted the same issue in the support area for this plugin.

    NOBODY has responded and the plugin has yet to be fixed. The least you could do is reply to people, saying it’s a known issue and you’re working to fix it.

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  • I’m not affiliated with this plugin at all, but please remember that this is a completely free plugin that the author is uncompensated for in any way. He is not obligated to provide support.

    Support is great, but not a requirement for it being hosted here on

    I don’t agree that if a developer uses WordPress platform to share his/her work, that because we don’t pay for the plugin we shouldn’t have any expectation.

    By downloading and using the plugins, we beta-tested and helped identify issues the developer didn’t noticed, even worked some of the bugs out and made it even more awesome, we shared its awesomeness with plenty others, helped its search engine ranking, etc. It is normal that when support drops off the map, without a word, that we feel let down. Whether we pay money or not isn’t the issue.

    I don’t have a probleme paying for a plugin that works great and thus do my part to support development. If the developer wishes to get revenues from his/her work, the more power to them. I certainly would support that. So it is possible that the maian reason to drop off the planet, as they say, has NOTHING to do with the financial price we pay or not.

    We depend on plugins to operate websites, and some of these websites are our own clients websites. So when support drops, it’s not affecting “whiny ungrateful users” but grateful users on whom others also depend.

    In the end, if a developer wishes to stop support, or has personal life issues keeping them away from their creation, it’s their right to say something or not. It would just be courteous to let us know if we should look for something else. And if they moved their support elsewhere, then that would also be an important and helpful information to know…



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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