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  • Used to love CF7 Redirects but after the recent (10/15/2020 ish) rollout of a big change to redirections that wiped out form redirections resulting in pay-per-click visitors getting sent to the submit form multiple times instead of receiving download/thank you pages (how frustrating for them and website owners), I am not a fan. Because this is multiple sites using different themes and plugins and consistently, the redirects were broken upon the first version of the plugin, then fixed on 2.2.3 version, then broken again on 2.2.4…just nore ready for primetime on such an important function. If you used this, I suggest as I am implementing: set up a cheatsheet spreadsheet that tracks the form name, pages it is used on, and thank you/redirect page so you can rebuild quickly if you ever have to AND pay attention to analtyics that don’t feel right with conversions dropping plus check your form submissions at least monthly.

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  • Plugin Author Yuval


    Hi @seobuzzim,

    First of all, you can always roll back to version 1.3.7. It’s very easy. We did not deleted anything from the database, all your old settings are saved, so if you will roll-back, you will see them.

    Second, we will give you support in the forum, like we do with all users. We expect you to change this review afterwards.

    The new version of the plugin contains many new and exiting features, such as saving leads to database, honeypot, passing fields to the url and to scripts with ease, and much more.

    We did a lot efforts the avoid any bugs during migration, and with the exception of some compatibility issues with some other plugins, we’ve got no reports of missing data. We’re currently fixings some small issues, and within a few days we hope to make it 100% bugs-free, but even now, it works in 99.9999% of use cases. Anyone who asks will get support in our plugin forum.

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    Yeah, massive delay now when submitting forms on the latest version. When I disable this plugin, there is no longer any form delay. This new version should’ve been tested more thoroughly.

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    There are annoying pop-ups for the Pro version that ask you if you want to “leave the page” like you are going to lose your updated when you close the advertising pop-up…so there is the capability to get the word out that things are not going well for some users. But, I received no such communications. Discovered the broken form redirects by accident. I submitted a request for support, then spent several hours trying to figure out what was wrong comparing various sites. The author states a roll-back is easy, but I have already had annoyed and confused website visitors and lost valuable analytics because of something I was unaware of and now have to wait 1-3 days for my techs to do the roll-back…most WordPress users are not super techie…so it is not easy or cheap to do the roll-back as many other plugins and themes have been updated so it must be tested on each site. The concern here is the lack of quality control and communication from the plugin developer when the advertising popup to buy the pro version makes it clear they can get the message out. “We expect you to change this review”…hmmmm…I am going to chock that up to perhaps English as a second language phrasing and assume you meant you “hope” or “anticipate”.

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