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  • JoeGP


    This used to be our favorite theme, until Fluida came along, still prefer the way the blog post excerpts are shown in Nirvana though (next to the text in a normal aspect ratio), so if you could update Nirvana to also have a sticky menu (i know it has a sticky top bar, not what i want because the logo is not included) and to use pages instead of text areas (like Fluida) that would make it my favorite again. Also i’m not sure if the logo images get resized now or not (like on Fluida), because the only way to get a sharp image on wordpress is to use an image at least twice the size you are showing it at. It would probably be easier to fix how Fluida shows it’s blog post excerpts.

    I feel like this theme has mostly been abandoned in favor of the newer ones, which i understand.

    But what i also understand is that themes are almost becoming a thing of the past with the rise of page builders, the home/presentation pages of all CryoutCreations themes are what set them apart and make you love them or hate them, but with a page builder you can pretty much design any and all of them and customize them a whole lot more, even if they might not be as fancy.

    With current presentation page features, you either use them as is or you don’t, some themes, like Fluida, also may allow you to rearrange the order, quite limiting if you ask me, and CC themes are some of the most customizable out there, so that’s saying something, which is why some themes like Astra, come with over 50 page builder templates instead, which i think is the way of the future. So instead of maintaining 10 themes it would be easier to maintain 1 theme that has 10 templates (and they would be a whole lot more customizable) the problem is that there are many page builders and they are all different, but the default one (Gutemberg) and Elementor is all you would need.

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