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    I was using this plugin for months and I loved how easy it was to schedule my posts to go out at certain times on certain days! Then I went to use it a few weeks ago and the entire set up had changed, and the ability to do what I needed was gone. Apparently only paid Pro users can manually schedule now! So, unless you want to click extra buttons just to use a separate plugin to publish instantly, this is a waste of time and space. After three weeks of my posts not publishing on time, I am uninstalling and looking for a better solution!

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  • Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    We have not taken any features from the Free version, just look at the changelog or even the code. We added tons of new features, improvement.

    This is clear misunderstanding, show with screenshot what you could do before, but not now? Setting screen and setup wizard is new, but nothing removed from Free, I assure you!


    I agree with the review writer in the sense that functionality which was there before seems to be missing now.

    Before, when we checked the “Publish future post immediately” checkbox, the post would be immediately posted. Now, after each update of a post, the checkbox value gets deleted and we have to manually check it again. Maybe this is a feature, but it feels like a decrease in functionality.

    However, it’s also fair to say that sofware development should be paid work and not free work. People are putting their time and effort into it, so they should get appreciation for it. It’s sad to see that not all people regard it like that.

    Hope this comment was helpful.

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