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  • It’s a shame I have to write this review. This plugin was, once upon a time, fantastic. When Rachel Cherry had the time to maintain it, it was solid as a rock and worked like a dream. But she went on to find she had dwindling availability, and then the cracks started to show. Eventually she passed it on to its new owners and nothing has really improved. Now every site I have this plugin installed on is broken because the developers FORGOT TO BUNDLE A REQUIRED FILE, and we’ve been waiting for over 5 days for them to package it. This is entry level stuff. And keeping us waiting for 5 days is just plain lazy.

    It’s now time to say goodbye to this plugin, I will no longer be using it in any future projects, I will not be supporting it in any existing projects, I will not be recommending it to anyone ā€” in fact I will be strongly recommending they avoid it ā€” and I will be looking to replace it in any internal projects we might have used it in. I now have the fun job of going back through every project to see whether they are negatively affected.

    I only awarded that second star because only a few years ago this plugin was so good.

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