• We have been using this plugin for 2.5 years. Installed it when it was still owned by Yoast and it was awesome, easy and stable. Since MonsterInsights has take over it has gone downhill. It started with the ads, then almost every update seemed to cause issues. Since version 6.0 came out on February 18th they have released FOURTEEN updates in FIVE weeks, with several of these releases containing way too many “tweaks” and “fixes” than should ever be necessary in that short amount of time. MonsterInsights should be paying us to install this crap and test it for them. We are done.

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    When we acquired MonsterInsights, the plugin had not been updated in over a year and a half, and had over a hundred unique reported bugs (over 80 just in the core tracking github), and didn’t work on many new WordPress installs.

    After launching the new version, we removed all of the banner image ads that Yoast had in his plugin. We didn’t add any new banner image ads, nor do any exist in the current plugin.

    Since launching 6.0, we’ve been working on resolving the sizeable backlog of bugs from Yoast as quickly as possible (most of these bugs were reported many many times starting roughly 2 years before we acquired the plugin, and so it gives the impression that a lot of the things we’re fixing are new, but there’s simply a lot of backlog from when we didn’t own the plugin). Thus why there’s a lot of things getting fixed.

    We’ve also been doing adjusting of certain parts of the plugin to better track certain links and get ready for newer features like Google AMP and Facebook Instant Pages tracking, and to help users, particularly in the EU comply with the latest legislation, including Google Analytics’s optout support, and needed adjustments to facilitate ever expanded automated testing suites so that we can more broadly and thoroughly test the 484 different browser and browser version combinations we actively support, to ensure the link tracking is consistent.

    We’re definitely not a fans of issuing updates as close as we’ve done, however, our policy will always be to protect our users from issues by offering quick turnaround on any issues they have.

    We look forward to continuing to improve our offering and hope that some day you’ll consider checking us out again


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