Used Google Sitemap Plugin and Referrals Dropped 60% (2 posts)

  1. bolonki
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Just want to alert everyone that in my experience, submitting a Sitemap to Google CAN BACKFIRE. In the days after I sumbmitted the Sitemap to Google, referrals from Google dropped 60%.

    I couldn't believe that submitting a Sitemap could be the cause of this, so I decided to check it with another blog, and submitted the sitemap for this blog as well. Once again, referrals plunged about 55%.

    There was one other guy here (as I recall reading) that reported a negative effect of submitting a sitemap to Google, so I wonder what kind of results other WordPress users have had submitting a sitemap to Google.

    The plugin worked great, no criticism there, it's just that the results of submitting the sitemap have obviously been negative.

    Would love to hear other people's experiences, either positive or negative when submitting sitemaps.

  2. I got way more hits from submitting a sitemap to Google. One reason was that after I did so, Google came along and actually indexed my page.

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