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  • They advertise this as a lifetime purchase, and I bought it a year ago on that basis.

    Subsequently they took another $30 from my account a year later with no authorisation from me. I went to check my account with them but there is no account area at all to edit, so complained and on the third email they refunded my account but such is the difference in the exchange rate they have cost me the equivalent of about $5, not much but NOT COOL. Tantamount to theft, in fact.

    Before I saw my bank statement which confirms the above I emailed to thank them for the refund and asked for confirmation that they would delete my credit card details from their database, not least in case their company gets hacked…

    …they have not confirmed this very reasonable request, nor apologised for plundering my account, nor for wasting my time.

    The plugin is decent enough, but the company is dubious. Pity.

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    Your title should probably read: “Purchased the subscription plan but forgot the details since it was a year ago”. Simply put, you purchased the yearly plan with analytics, alerts, and priority support. We have a copy of the very receipt that was sent to you.

    That plan also comes with a set of lifetime features because we don’t require users to always pay to get something out of the plugin — even updates. So if you cancel, you still get said features. You’re confusing that offer we make to everyone with you purchasing the one-time Core pro option: You didn’t. You got Pro 3.

    We don’t store credit card data, and by the way, you could have canceled all of this within the Pro versions account settings page.

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    Pity you don’t respond to a client’s emails but only to a subsequent negative review (which I understand you also tried to have deleted here at WP).

    “We don’t store credit card data”

    Well, somewhere evidently does. Repeating my question, how is that record erased?

    “You could have canceled all of this within the Pro versions account settings page.”

    No idea where that is, certainly not on your website. It is fair to say I might have inadvertently signed up for repeat billing but, if so, that would have been due to such not being clearly marked at time of purchase.

    All in all, and given that data protection is paramount, I suggest you reply to any such relevant emails.

    Kindly confirm that my credit card information has been deleted and I would also like to know, please, where it was or remains stored?

    Thank you.

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    Simple question: when you go buy groceries and pay with a credit card, do you also assume that the grocery store is storing your credit card in a database?
    …gas stations? Etc?

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    So you aren’t even willing to tell me who is storing my credit card details!

    Incredible attitude.

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    OK, please take this outside.

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