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    Hey guys,

    how is it possible to use WP data (such as logged in username) in seperate PHP scripts? I set a link to a popup in an existing WP page, but I cant use a WP page within that popup (or can I?), cos I’m delivering some variables to the popup page.
    I need some informations from the currently logged in user, any hints? What do I have to include to use getcurrentuserinfo() and such?


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  • If it’s just the username, why not pass it as part of the URL and capture it on the other program with a GET?

    Hey drmike,

    that would be a possibility, but I need(ed) kinda all the information. I used an own templated file within WP and opened it via popup, and it worked.. was a bit more complicated and took longer, but it works.


    Hiey Alphawolf,
    could you pleas show me how u did it? I have a similar problem since I’m trying to send a variable to a .swf file (instead of a popup page).
    More specifically I’m trying to assign the string called by the_title(); within the loop to a variable (&myTitle) and make it displayable inside a swf file which contains a dynamic textfield. Here is my post

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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