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    I would suggest using WP as the main user management engine. Every function related to this in WP should have a filter or action you could hook into to do related functions on the other platforms.

    For example, when a new user registers in WP, wp_insert_user() is called to make the needed entries to the DB. This function has a ‘user_register’ action that you can hook into. Your hook function will be passed the new user ID, with this, you can get any pertinent information that needs to be added to the other platform’s tables to register a user there dynamically via code.

    A similar process is followed for every user management function such as updating data, logging in, logging out, etc. Determine which functions are used in each case and check the source code to determine which hook would work for your needs.

    If the tables are all in the same DB, you can use $wpdb methods to access the tables of other platforms, which is a little easier than straight PHP mysql functions.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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