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  1. manuakasam
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello everyone,

    over a year ago i've written some plugins for my clients that i want to rework now. Though i've been out a while i'm still as familiar with it as I've been at the time of writing.

    One problem though i've encountered is that i was unable to find out how i can really use all the cool wordpress features in my own plugin.


    • I want to be able to use the wordpress editor with all it's formatting features for my own formular (i.e. for a description text of some entry of my own db table
    • I want the output of my plugin to use "the loop" (?) I.E. i have a download plugin and in my own output i want to be able to write [download id=1] for it to get converted by the asociated plugin accordingly

    The way i handle my plugin output right now is the only thing i was able to find out about with my knowledge, basically it's like this
    add_filter('the_content', array(&$class, 'class_callback'), 7);
    whereas class_callback contains
    return str_replace('CLASS_TAG', 'My Output', $sIn);

    Any informational links helping me with the things I want to achieve will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, too!

  2. manuakasam
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I found the solution myself now. As for using the wordpress tinyMCE Editor, I've found a great article on the following site:
    tinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor in WordPress Plugin

    As for having my plugin use other plugins shortcodes it is required to have your plugins output run the shortcode function again, which is pointed out in the following article:
    Using Shortcodes everywhere

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