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  • Hey there,

    i am looking for a way to use WP as a CMS. There are a lot of interesting articles out there, but none of them hit my desire.

    At the moment I relaunch my Project (
    It was one of the first pages i made with css-based Layout…no tables and stuff…you know.

    So I got deeper and deeper…spending nights and days…into this stuff. The Page goes well and the project still grows…because of that i would like to use WP as CMS until my typo3 skills are good enough to do it by typoscript.

    Basically there are 5 different Layouts on my page. Is it possible to implement them all togehter in wordpress. I mean:
    1. Homepage (3 colums, no comment function, no archiv, navigation,..)
    2. a couple of static info pages (no comments, no archiv,..)
    3. blog (full functional)
    4. gallery (nice fotos, text, video)
    5. guestbook

    I would like to control the content of every page by WP.
    How can i use different templates at the same time?
    Is it possible to include a members area?

    Lots of questions….looking for your ideas!

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  • WordPress is great as a CMS if you set everything up right. I have nearly all the features you are looking to use on a site I coded into wordpress.

    I coded the homepage myself to pull info from different places

    I use a WYSIWYG editor to create HTML pages

    I have a different template for posts

    I use the nextgen gallery to display image galleries and slideshows.

    It all works really well, having thousands of plugins avalaible really helps.

    He Three Visual,

    nice to hear that all works well for you….but could you give me a little help for start-up?

    I have no clue how to arrange the different templates….or do you mix WP with static html pages?

    I have several different templates setup, take a look:

    The main page is hard coded in the index.php file, I cannot go on and edit this file but it pulls posts and info from other areas.

    If you visit a post you will see it has another template, this is my Single Post template.

    If you go to the ‘Information’ area the page here has a standard page template which just shows the title in the blue bar ‘Information Centre’ then the template is blank from there onwards, this then allows me to enter HTML into the WYSIWYG editor in ‘write page’ in wordpress, once I have added the HTML the wysiwyg editor lets me go in and change it just like you would in an application such as dreamweaver.

    If you then go to the ‘subjects’ area this is based on another template, which has the black bar and page style hard coded, this lets me drop text into a subject area when I want to add a new subject outline without having to edit HTML.

    Not sure if that helps?

    Nice page!

    Is there a community-plugin, or did you code the member area by yourself?

    I don’t have a members area at the moment, however I am looking for something similar for another website I am working on, would be interested to see if there is anything out there that can do this.

    I use WP as CMS’s for my clients all the time. It’s excellent for this – I recommend it to all of my clients now. My most recent “WP as CMS” work is this site. The client was really happy with this.

    But (no offense meant to ThreeVisual up there) there’s definitely better ways of accomplishing your output than to hard-code things into the theme files. You can easily set your “five different areas” apart by creating 5 different parent categories, and dividing your content up between them. Then you can use the category templates to make different layouts for each one (category-1.php, category-2.php and so on) – or just use conditionals.

    Pretty much everything you want up there can be separated into different layouts by using conditionals and the template hierarchy.

    Doodlebee, very nice design at

    Could you provide any specific information about how you’ve configured your navigation menu at the top of the content pages? I read through the HTML and started in on the CSS. One thing I don’t understand is how you’re indicating the active page. Your “class” parameters don’t seem to indicate which of the pages is active vs just another inactive a href menu item. Is it some conditional statement?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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