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  • Well, on my site I’ve been trying to work with Joomla for a CMS, however, it’s WAY too complex for what I need to do. I’ve heard that you can use WordPress as a CMS so I was going to look into using it for my sites main page.

    A quick bit of info about the site I’m working on, I’ve formed a group of 4 people. We’re basically starting a Game Development company…and Indie Game Company. Our games will be offered through download and purchase from our site (and other online places as well). Mainly the site is going to be a place to give a little bit of info about the games and about our group. I already have WordPress installed as a developer blog, but I’m wanting a little more CMS style for the main site, but not as complex as Joomla.

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  • It’s very hard to respond because WP can work as a CMS but to get certain features you’ll need to install plugins, modify/create a new theme and possibly do some custom development to get it all working together. While WP is extremely easy to use and learn you still need to read to get yourself familiar with the script. Look into plugins at
    Read about WP on and once you have more specific questions post them here and I’m sure someone will help you out. The other alternative (if you don’t have time/will to learn) is to hire a WP consultant to modify WP according to your specifications.

    Good luck!

    Basically I just need a way to have pages dedicated to the different games (which I can already do with stock WP lol). The main part is just being able to edit the articles and having the landing/index.php page static instead of displaying them like it normally does. I want to be able ot pick what’s on the landing page. Honestly it doesn’t need to be in depth, and any other features I need I’m sure there’s a plugin for (like shopping cart for digi download, etc.)

    Dang, it’s really hard to explain exactly what I’m trying to do. I have this image of it in my head lol.

    You can do anything you like with post-3.0 WordPress. I’ve built many elaborate sites with it, many of which aren’t even close to blogs. It’s just a matter of understanding how things work and learning some basic theme development.

    Read up on theme development in the codex, you can quite easily build a basic front page.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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