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  • Hi Guys

    In my second book “WordPress Complete” I described how you can even use wordpress as a regular CMS for general purpose websites. Fortunately that chapter made freely downloadable from my book’s website. I hope you will enjoy that

    Visit :

    Hasin Hayder

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  • Well, any book that promotes the online Theme editor without warning to change back the permissions to avoid the dangers of leaving files open for hackers… is a bad book for the forum 🙂 All the hacked users will come here crying for help!

    The book looks interesting, thanks for the free chapter.

    People crying about people asking for help, make a bad participant for a support forum. 🙂

    It’s not about those asking for help in general. It is about those that will need help because of bad advice, which could have been avoided… so, ultimately, I consider this the responsibility of those giving the wrong advice about file permissions.

    Well, The objective was to show how you can even use wordpress as a regular CMS. I discussed about the file permissions and their effects in previous chapters. WordPress engine is so awesome that you can do almost everything with it, and that was the purpose of this chapter.

    I agree with the “you can do almost everything with it” part. Just don’t do it with the online theme editor 🙂

    Thanks Moshu 🙂 And thanks for maintaining such a huge community so effectively. I always keep in my mind that without help from this community it will be too hard to write a book on wordpress. Kudos.

    I have switched almost all my site design to using WordPress. Almost none of the sites I’ve created are for blogs, and most are set up for use by my clients as a CMS.

    WordPress is so flexible, and with all the great plugins I can make it do almost anything.

    Just in case anyone is interested, here is my portfolio page: You’ll recognize some of the templates and some are my own design. My website is my own design using all css and WordPress on the back end. Nothing is hard coded in, everything is a post or a page or an include.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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