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  • Hi there

    I am new to WP and would like to ask you a simple question. We have our company website created and would like to have our mobile web version also. So here are my questions

    a) Can we use WP to create a mobile web like our standar site, knowing that the standar site it is not a blog.

    b) Can we get the code we create with the development of this project to host it in our servers, or it needs to be hosted in a particular server?.

    Thanks a lot

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    a) Yes, via plugins.

    b) Any server you want that is capable of running WP 🙂

    a) many people don’t use WordPress to blog but just to act as a CMS for their business.
    b) the code is provided to you. See the Download tab. As long as your server meets the requirements you can run WordPress on that server. You can modify and change whatever code you want.

    See Hosting_WordPress for server requirements

    Thanks a lot for answering, so just to confirm, basically what we need is to create a version of our actual site in WordPress, and then vĂ­a the WPTouch pluging reproduce a mobile based version of the site.

    Then this mobile version code is the one we can use to be hosted in our servers right?

    Please let me know if my understanding is not corrent and help me find a tutorial or guide that explains how I can get this?

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Then this mobile version code is the one we can use to be hosted in our servers right?

    Not sure if that’s the correct way to say it. Just install WordPress on your server, then install WP Touch.

    Also some themes you might consider:

    Thanks a lot Michael, now I got it….
    Thought the development tool was web based, but if we can download the tool locally and install the pluging there it is just great!!.

    Do you think our approach, Create a WP web and then apply WPTouch pluggin is the best way to achieve this?


    Sounds good.

    See Installing WordPress

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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