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Use woocommerce templates manually, on different pages

  • I’m quite new to wordpress to bear with me!

    I installed WordPress and Woocommerce to try and create an e-commerce test website for my knowledge. Woocommerce installed its pages automatically but I would like to use it differently. I would like to use its “Shop” template so that I can have more than one shop page in the menu, and seperate them according to categories (Ex: Hair, Beauty, Fragrances – and even more subcategories). Is that possible? Thanks.


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  • Roy Ho


    Yes go to your appearance->menus and drag and drop the product categories you want displayed in your menu bar. If you don’t immediately see the product categories, move your mouse to the top right of the screen and click on “screen options” and from there you can select what is shown.

    Thanks for that answer, very helpful! However half of my question is still unanswered. I would like to have the shop template on different pages and not just the “Shop” page. How do I apply that template to a new page so that members can view products on this certain page?

    Roy Ho


    What I told you to do already accomplishes that. Any product categories you put into the menu will link to products pages that utilize the product templates.

    I see, I still have a problem though. I am obviously doing something wrong. My intention is to have a menu name called “Hair Colour” and have one of its subcategories called “Accessories” to allow a visitor to search that category.

    These pictures are how I have tried to do them, what’s wrong?


    Thanks a lot!

    Used shortcodes instead; [product_category category=”accessories”]

    Roy Ho


    You didn’t do it correctly. You should create a menu called “menu” or anything general like “main menu” …Then you need to assign it in the dropdowns to your left. You didn’t do that. Your menu now is pulling from just the pages..etc..

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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