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  • Resolved Josh Habdas


    Hello! I tend not to install purpose-specific plugins but my current AdSense set-up does not support page-level ads yet and having more control seems useful.

    Are there any plans to enhance this plugin to blacklist page-level ads on specific pages, or some other mechanism to further define control of where ads display? Having some understanding of the future plans would be useful in my decision to review the code before I install. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Pascale


    Hey @jhabdas

    thanks for your input. As you surely noticed, filtering is currently only possible through post / custom content types.

    I can surely add add an option to the post edit screen to disable page level ads. This makes the most sense to me, what do you think?

    Hi @pascalebeier! Thanks for your response. In my case I’m thinking of hiding the page-level ads when users transition to pages like the contact page, or the about page. Seems like they’d get annoyed if a full-screen takeover popped when I was trying to send them down a conversion funnel towards some end goal.

    Would it be more extensible to do something like Speed Sense does and create a little comment snippet like <!–OffDef–> or whatever to prevent it? Not sure exactly how AdSense makes its determinations and how much flexibility it offers — just don’t want to bite off my nose to spite my face when advancing users towards a specific goal.

    Here’s the site I’m working with. It uses Pods. I basically only want page-level ads on certain custom pods post types (e.g. Gangs, Hoods), and to disable them everywhere else kinda a whitelist type thing if that helps at all with the use case:

    Thanks for the plug-in and your help. So far it’s working great!

    Plugin Author Pascale


    Adding a comment is fine for me to implement as a quick solution.

    Plugin Author Pascale


    Hey @jhabdas,

    I’m pushing the update to the Plugin Repo soon. In the meantime, you can try the v1.1.0 zip off of GitHub.

    Let me know if this is what you wanted!

    Thanks, man. I’m give it a try soon. Never really understood how the page-level ads popped up – I always thought it was probably on an unload event. But if not the comment approach should work great!

    Plugin Author Pascale


    Keep in mind that the Page Level Ads logic has nothing to do with where these are loaded. Even if you implement these, it is up to the provider where this show up in the end.

    This plugin doesn’t alter any configuration done on Google’s side – neither yours nor the providers.

    Maybe this clarifies some things! =)

    I’m a bit more confused now, actually. Perhaps this is more of a Google thing—I’m not sure. But giving the following user flows:

    Landing page 1 > Landing page 2
    Landing page 1 > About page
    Landing page 2 > Contact page

    I desire some control to prevent the second two scenarios which may have conversion goals associated with them from popping an ad. Kinda like you wouldn’t display ads on a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use page, you know?

    Perhaps this is more of a Google thing than anything else — I imagine I’m not the first person who’s wanted this and it seems like something they should somehow manage in AdSense through a white or blacklist.

    I don’t know. Either way thanks for your help. Very happy to have my page-level vignettes displaying even if it’s not perfect.

    Plugin Author Pascale


    Oh you are overthinking this really.

    With the “current” solution you can just disable it per page. These are loaded per page anyways because of the post type filters.

    Just ping me once you looked at it and I’ll push it.

    Thanks so much for chiming in!

    Took a quick look at the update and feedback would be to remove any spaces from the comment to disable for parity with SpeedSense. Other than that looking forward to seeing this update pushed up to so I can drop it into my pages! Cheers to you good sir!

    Plugin Author Pascale


    Hey @jhabdas,

    I just pushed the latest versions to the official plugin repo.

    I updated my implementation according to your suggestion. You will find usage instructions on the options page as well as in the readme.

    Thanks for your input and have a great week!

    Many thanks, Pascale! Very happy to have this plugin and thanks for incorporating the feedback and suggestions and implementing this great new feature.

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