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  • Hello,

    is there any way to use it with “list-field-number-format” plugin” Link ?

    If it’s possible, what would be done ? This plugin add a “TOTAL column” option, and i wanted to use gravitywp count and make a sum of all this “TOTAL column”.

    Any idea ? thanks in advance

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  • Hi @revwow,

    Yes, but you’ll need to add a number field to your form and use calculation to fill it. Use the merge tag from the TOTAL column and place it in the calculation area of the new number field.

    It will now also be available to GravityWP – Count.

    Kind regards,

    oh great thanks.
    Gonna try it out and let you know 🙂

    Well i did it, but my new created number field keep 0 .
    It’s like it doesnt recognize this “column row value” tag.

    Also i got some bug using it, i need to refresh my form to make my custom tag to appear in the list.

    Hi! That is not a bug, mergetags come available to a newly added field after saving the form.

    As for your question. Did you add a number field and add the mergetag for total to the calculation? Is this field filled / saved when submitting the entry. If not, than the GravityWP Count plugin has nothing to count.

    Indeed to solve this, i think i need the tag for the “enable column total” option but i cant find it anywhere in list of available tags. i was about to use it , then make a number field with that tag then use it with wp count.

    Lord i hope you understand me, my english is kind of random so i try my best :>*

    Also as i didnt even say it before but you did great work on it … dispite of that problem i need to solve.


    I don’t understand completely what you want. Can you send a link to a test form?

    Ok i try to make it easier and go to the main thing i try to do.
    Well i try to catch this field and use it with “wp count” plugin, as in picture below :

    picture 1

    It seems there isnt a tag in the tags list that give you that field :

    Picture 2

    Hope you understand what am trying to do

    Thanks a lot

    Hi reVwow,

    you should create a new number field (apart from the list) and put the mergetag for SOUS-TOTAL in that new number field. If you do that, you can use GravityWP Count to calculate to total for multiple entries using this newly created number field.

    Well i tried but it doenst work.

    In my newly created number field , the tag doenst appear…

    I even tried to copy paste from the “list field” where i did my calcul but nothing change, seems it cant catch the value.

    I think i would need the name of that “total column field” to use it directly in the shortcode of wpcount …

    ####BTW the title of my post would have been “Use with “wpcount” plugin ?” , i just notice this -_-####

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    [gravitywp_count formid=”9″ number_field=”????” thousands_sep=”.” dec_point=”,”]
    Indeed i would need that number_field that belong to that :

    Picture 1

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    ok so i installed “Gravity Forms List Field Calculations Add-On” to show tags.
    The probleme now is he seems to have trouble with thousand and number with decimal.

    Ex : when i have 9.900 € my new total field give me 9.9 € (where . is thousand)

    Any idea ?


    Hi reVwow,

    This is a problem you should solve with the “Gravity Forms List Field Calculations Add-On”. I know about that error since I also experienced it using the same add-on. But it has nothing to do with the GravityWP – Count plugin.

    Kind regards,


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