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  1. barrueta8
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi WP people, im starting with wordpress, already have a site up and running, but the next one will be a little different, i want to have a main site that will show certain categories and use one theme(mysite.com) and a subdomain/subfolder that will show another categories and use a different theme(tech.mysite.com).

    Ok so install WP, no problem, then i want to copy the php files only to the subfolder/subdomain and disable the admin zone(delete wp-admin folder on the subfolder) then assing a different theme that obviously will show different categories that the main site BUT all the content will be managed from the main wp-admin area.

    Here its a image explaining my idea:


    Right now doesnt seems to work like that, so any help or advice that you can give me will be very apreciated :)

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