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  • My Permalink structure uses just /%postname%/.

    When I publish a new blog post, it looks like:

    I want to keep this structure as I prefer it for both pages and posts.

    In addition, I want to publish a post that has no title and uses /%post_id%/ to avoid the -2 suffix of the post number as title, so like this:

    instead of:

    Is there a method that allows both styles of permalinks? Maybe a plugin somewhere that could do this?

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  • The -2 is added when you add a post with a slug that is not unique. Simply make your slugs unique and if needed use a redirect for old URL’s.

    That is the correct way to handle this.

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    That’s correct but that is not the issue.

    Using a permalink structure of only /%postname%/, it is not possible to create a post without a title which uses a slug without -2. That’s the issue I’m trying to solve.

    In other words, because I choose to use only /%postname%/, WordPress is forcing un-titled post slugs to default to the Post ID and appends -2 on every published post that does not have a title as the auto-generated slug.

    My only alternative, which I’m trying to avoid, is to manually create a slug for posts that do not have titles.

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    I took some time today to further review this issue. I was able to replicate this issue on multiple sites running varying themes and plugins and even a default site install (latest WP version, default theme, no plugins).

    I did find that whenever I use the permalink structure of /%postname%/, created a post, but did not add a title, the slug was in fact appended with a -2.

    I believe this is a bug. Please report it and reference this post, providing additional information as needed.

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    Thank you for the feedback! I have reported this as a bug:

    You are welcome. My thoughts based on the lead developers response at the trac is that if a post title is now not given that it defaults back to postid. Why it adds the -2 then is unclear sans i step thru every line of PHP to figure that out.

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    The answer is way down in ticket 5305.

    I believe this post is where the chain of devs stated this is a feature and not a bug.

    I don’t know how to state my case on the ticket I created because I disagree with the outcome of what they’re trying to do specifically for /%postname%/ since it’s designed to fix a problem with date based permalinks.

    I also don’t understand @dd32’s comment about WordPress not supporting numeric based slugs when it seems clear that /%post_id%/ is this support as a permalink?

    His solution is to use wp_unique_post_slug but I’m not versed enough in PHP to know how to do this. Maybe someone reading this could help develop a plugin based around this function? Seems like it should be possible to do what I stated in the first post, which is to use the Post ID for titleless posts, checking with the wp_unique_post_slug function to make sure it’s unique?

    What am I missing?

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    1. That trac ticket was started 10 years ago – please take the time to review them in considered detail.

    2. When they write ‘not supported’, it means they will spend no more time on the issue for a very range of circumstances.

    3. Specifically, I am unsure why they also are no referencing here, where another has noted the same behavior with no plugins and a default theme.

    4. Often, these issues take time and may need a longer review. Often, in my experience, they can work them out, but full public disclosure will not be a part of this forum or trac,

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