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    I just wanted to ask the author or users whether they thought that this Plug In could be used for a non-restaurant situation, namely a Village Hall, for users to book the hall and various facilities that the hall offers. You may think it odd of me to consider a ‘restaurant’ booking system, but at first sight it looks promising, and to be honest I can’t find much else in WP so far.

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  • Hi @ali282,

    Some people do use the plugin for other booking purposes. An important thing to note is that the plugin doesn’t offer any capacity management features.

    It’s essentially a request management plugin: people make booking requests and you can approve or reject those requests.

    You might be better served by a plugin that’s designed for room-management or time-slot booking.

    Booked, by BoxyStudio, is a plugin I’ve sometimes recommended for things like this:

    @ali282 – I’m facing exactly the same use case. I’ve installed and uninstalled lots of booking plug-ins as none do quite what I, and I think you, need.

    @natewr – capacity isn’t the issue, really. It’s “can I book the village hall for date X between times y and z”. Capacity comes into it in that, in our case, we have a main hall and a meeting room (and a sports field), but it’s not quite the same as booking one of several tables at a serving.

    @ali282 – we shouldn’t take up space in this forum but I’d appreciate a direct discussion. If so minded, please drop me a line to Thanks.

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