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  • hi,
    since the uploader allows you to upload other type of files than images, why the only insert option is trough a thumbnail? which is non working for other type files, instead of offering a text link also (which can be done by editing the HTML, but some of my editores dont know html at all)…
    i think it’s a great idea to have this option, which also sorts the files by date, but would be better if it was extended to other file types.

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  • Agreed. It would be useful.

    actually, after reading the developers blog, regarding the release of WP 2.0 it says:

    Inline Uploading — We’ve optimized our uploader for image, audio, and video files and put it inline with the posting screen. You don’t have to bounce around any more when writing a post! It also will organize your files for you as you upload them to make them easier to find later. On the backend, each uploaded file is actually a “sub-post? so it can have individual comments and pingbacks, its own permalink, and even a custom template based on what type of file it is. You can click on attached files to get a menu of options, or if you’re on Firefox you can drag and drop them into your WYSIWYG editor.

    But i sent another file type (not jpg) and it was added as a non existant thumbnail!. I had to manually edit the code and remove the img src it put to it and create the link using the href it provided…
    any ideas on how to get it working for files other than .jpg?

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