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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    We have not yet dynamic text based watermarks, but i will add it as a request to the wishlist.

    Hi Jacob,

    I am confused.

    How did the ImageFactory do it?

    It appears that they have ‘filenames as watermarks’ at the bottom of every photo on

    Thank you very much,


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The watermarks on are made on the local pc before uploading.

    I am currently in the process of making such a feature inside wppa+.

    It is not ready yet, but here is a preview of the three styles i have in mind:

    Hello Jacob,

    Very nice.

    Since photos have many various backgrounds,, I would suggest trying:

    Background: solid black (not transparent)
    Text: white font


    Background: solid dark-grey (not transparent)
    Text: white font

    This way the watermark (filename) would always be easy to view and it would not be obscured by a transparent background.

    Hello Jacob,

    Thank you for the recent update 5.3.1

    I see you added New Features for watermarks.

    How would I test watermarking a few photos using the filenames as watermarks please?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Table IX-F1 checked,
    Table IX-F3 Select — Text: pre-defined —, and position!!
    Table IX-F6 select a style,
    Edit Table IX-F7 and see the help!! [?]
    Table IX-F8 Select a font,
    Table IX-F9 1st ( typo ) set fontsize,
    Optional upload other font Table IX-F9 2nd
    Table IX-F10 set opacity,
    Refresh the page for a live preview

    If all set, go to edit album -> manage photos and do a test.
    You can also watermark all ( when you are sure you want this… ) in Table VIII-B9, or on a per album basis on the Album admin pages

    Thank you Jacob!

    In Table IX-F7 will this work?

    w#photo id number (w#filename)

    I want just the photo id number and the filename.

    Is this the correct code?


    (Photo number w#id) w#filename

    Here is the test:

    Photo Albums

    Wow! That is absolutely great!


    The (Photo number w#id) did not display in the watermark.

    Is (Photo number w#id) a valid shortcode for watermarks?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Not yet, see the help: [?] behind Table IX-F7. I can add it if you want me to.

    Hello Jacob,

    Yes, please add the w#id shortcode to watermarks – that would be very beneficial !!!

    Also, I receive an error for very long filenames. In my testing it seems watermarks are limited to only 1 line.

    Here is an example where the watermark error occurs:

    Photo number 10044 (the first wedding photo).

    Photo Albums

    Can the watermarks be more than 1 line for for very, very, very long filenames?

    I believe if those two issues are resolved, I can then apply watermarks all at once to every photo.

    I am really liking the watermark feature!

    Thank you!


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The watermarks can be more lines, but you have to break the line yourself, see the default example:

    Copyright (c) 2014 w#site
     w#filename (w#owner)

    It will even align the lines the same as the left/right position.

    You can not break the translation of w#filename, but you can individually copy the long name to the edit field, insert the breaks, and use the — Text: pre-defined — selection. Much work for every single photo.

    btw: adding w#id will be done in 5.3.2.
    I will investigate on auto break lines, but this will take alittle more time.

    further: I see you save sources, really clever, because you can not remove watermarks, you can only Remake files to get rid of a faulty watermark ( and optionall apply other watermarks ). I hope you have all the sources, just in case of accidents.

    Thank you Jacob!

    Yes, too much work for each photo.

    I have many, many very long filenames.

    I am in no hurry Jacob – the Tibesar Archives is forever 🙂

    So, I will wait until you have investigated auto break lines.

    I want to apply watermarks all at once but, I can’t until auto break lines works.

    Yes, I have ALL the sources thank you!

    Tibesar Family Archives

    how can we re-do photos that have the speciman watermark on them?

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