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  1. grosbouff
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi folks, interesting question here :

    I would like to use the fabulous taxonomy system (categories; tags) for my custom plugin.

    The idea is to use the build-in functions to create the categories and tags for my plugin...

    The only thing that I would need to be able to is to change the name of the field "taxonomy" (table "...term_taxonomy") when setting or getting a row. Maybe with filters or something.

    e.g.: instead of 'category', the field would be 'classifieds-category'.

    I saw that it is possible to register or overwrite new taxonomies (function register_taxonomy).

    But the problem is that the categories functions are build to use the taxonomy "category", not something else...

    So my taxonomy term should stay the same except when reaching the database.

    Possible ?

    Thanks !

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