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    I am unable to use the documents shortcode to search simultaneously on two taxonomies created with WCK Custom Taxonomy Creator. I want the intersection (AND) of two previously taxonomy selections. If I use
    [documents doctype=”work-inst”]
    I get the two documents I expect.
    If I use
    [documents department=”web”]
    I also get the (same) two documents I expect.
    But if I use
    [documents doctype=”work-inst” department=”web”]
    I get nothing at all.

    It seems this should work, since the arguments should just be passed to get_posts(), but it doesn’t. How can I do what I want?


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  • The problem I was having is due to the use of double-quotes to delimit the search terms. While searches on a single taxonomy will work with double-quotes, searches on multiple taxonomies only work with double-quotes.

    This works:

    [documents doctype=’work-inst’ department=’web’]

    This may be either undocumented but intended behavior, or a subtle bug in wp_query().

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