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    I’ve setup a google sheet with CF7 and Its been a smooth setup, great plugin.

    However, there’s one thing I’m trying to achieve and that is – To populate the same field more than once in the google sheet.

    For example:

    If the form contains let’s say a field “First-name”, I want to use this field more than once on the google sheet. So when i put this field on more than one column, only one field gets filled and the other doesn’t.

    Is there any way i can achieve this please? Thanks for the support!

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  • Plugin Author westerndeal


    Hi @ashslayer,

    Can you send us your Contact Form 7 backend form and Google sheet attribute screenshot ? That would help us to get more about your issue.


    Plugin Author westerndeal


    Hello @ashslayer,
    I did not heard back from you,

    Generally, You can use one field one time in google sheet,
    as there is no meaning to use same field more than once in the same google sheet,
    still you can try if it works only if its in the same sheet.

    Marking this as resolved, you can open the ticket anytime or post the new ticket for the further issues you have

    Many Thanks

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    Hello Abdullah,

    Sorry I got caught up. So yes, The reason why I’m using same field multiple times is because I have created a maze of fields in blocks and horizontal, Like a crossword using contact form 7. And where the vertical and horizontal cells coincide, I have used the same field.

    Therefore in the google sheet, I want that same coinciding value to show for the crossword vertical and hortizontal words. So, I’ve put the same field in the sheet. but it doesn’t show.

    So what I’ve decided is to set auto copy rule so the unfilled columns get filled from the filled columns.. BUT what’s happening is, when a new submission is done, the details are now posted at the BOTTOM of the sheet, avoiding all these copy rules.

    I hope its making sense..

    Any help is highly appreciated.



    I think when Google Sheets is populated through its API, it inserts a row. Hence any formulas or rules you have for other cells in the row don’t apply. If it is easy enough, I would recommend that you apply the rules after receiving the data into the Google Sheet, e.g. copy the formulas down to the new rows…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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