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    Most of the sites I develop are not blogs, but "regular" sites and most need a custom home page. I have been hard coding these including all the copy, but I'd like to have a way to just recode a design and have it access the same data without me having to cut and paste.
    This way, just like you can change a theme and get a different look with the same posts, etc, I could change the custom home page design and have it filled with the same data.

    This seems like it should be easy to do by storing the copy in a database table, but I can't see just how to do it -- mostly how do I put it in (I guess I could do that by hand via phpmyadmin) and how do I reference it to get it out and put into the places I want.

    As an example, this site I am working on has 8 photos and 5 blocks of copy that I'd like to reuse in a different layout: puckpros.edkatzman.com.

    Any and all ideas welcome.

    Many thanks. Ed

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