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  • Great plugin. However we are not able to use the functions provided to clear our log.

    We suspect the problem may be related to the fact that we host on Pantheon. Pantheon has problems with plugins that create files within hard-coded paths outside of the standard path for the WordPress framework.

    There is a solution however. We can create a symlink. Thus, we need help from you in creating that symlink. We need a Target and a Link please.


    This should be existing, non-version controlled and in a writable path by your host like the wp-content/uploads. This should be a relative path to where your link is created.
    ./uploads/cache if link is from /wp-content/cache
    ./wp-content/uploads/rootfolder if link is from /rootfolder


    This should be non-existing as this one will be created. If the folder is existing, contents should be moved to the target first before symlinking.

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  • I should have waited before sending this. I do not have a problem with the plugin in the Pantheon environment. Totally my mistake. This is closed.

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