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  • Hi. Previously, when we were entering news in WordPress, when we wanted to replace the link we copied and pasted with another link, we could make the link selected by double clicking it. This was a great convenience. But for a while, we can’t make the link selected by double clicking. This causes such a difficulty as trying to choose with difficulty. Can we make this easy again? Greetings.

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  • Hello @filozof58,

    I am not entirely sure if I understand your issue. However, suppose you are referring to editing hyperlinks on content. In that case, those can be replaced by simply clicking on the word or sentence with a hyperlink. The option to edit it will appear on the top bar, where you can click on the link icon and replace it with another link, if locally, by just typing the title of the Post or Page. If external, copy and paste and save it.

    I hope it helps. If not, please detail a bit more about what the issue might be since I did not fully grasp it.

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    Look, as you can see in the picture below, I double-clicked the link, but the link does not appear. Rust The Rust link appears to be unlinked.
    However, it wasn’t like that before. When we double-clicked on the link, the link appeared as below, so we could easily change the link. I hope the matter has become clear. Greetings.

    Hello @filozof58,

    I see what you mean. However, I cannot assist as I use Gutenberg on my media, and you are using the Classic Editor.

    I would suggest running the standard troubleshooting, which consists of disabling all plugins except the Classic Editor and enabling them back one by one and see if any is causing this kind of issue with it. It would be the fastest way to determine if you have a third-party conflict with any of the plugins installed.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your interest, you are very kind. Greetings.

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