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    I have tried to find out the use of the eight items above and the meaning, and use of, the two items below i.e. Allowed markup and Put code in between ..
    Does an article exist explaining this whole document? If so where do I find it?
    I have looked at the codex forum details but it does not seem to cover these aspects

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  • esmi


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    Allowed markup: the HTML markup you are allowed to use when posting on the forum.

    Put code between: PHP code and HTML markup snippets can be parsed (executed) by the forum software instead of being simply displayed. This can create problems when trying to read such posts. Adding a backtick (the ` character) immediately before and after such code stops this from happening.

    So far after several days – no one has given me an explanation of the eight items listed above and how I should use them.
    I have got a paper on “allowed mark up” but it does not help me to know the meaning of the symbols below that follow “allowed mark up.
    RE the last item it appears that if my message includes at least two codes ( as listed by esmi) i.e. PHP AND HTML, I need to add a back tick at the end of the code – possibly each different code. I shall have to find a back tick somewhere. Any suggestions – possibly on the list of symbols in word 2010 but how I use when typing this material. Possibly one of the eight items above??
    Sorry for my complete lack of knowledge but have written in detail in the hope that it will make my position clear.




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    Sorry but why do you need this?

    I need it because I rate as a detail-minded nit-picking obsessive and near perfectionist. Thus whenever I see something that I do not understand I try to understand it and find out its advantages (and disadvantages). Then I can decide where and when I can use the new information.
    I am amazed that WordPress has gone on for so long without an article somewhere that explains this aspect of the use of the forum. If none exist, when I find out the answers – happy to write an article on it for general users. At least I have found the information on how to prepare articles – in draft form for discussion with more knowledgable Users.
    I hope the above answers your question and hope that someone will answer my questions



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    There is a welcome message that explains how to post at

    I have carefully looked at this welcome message and cannot find answers to my questions. I find it surprising that an article does not exist on this topic. However if none exist – happy to write material which someone can decide whether they wish to add to the welcome message – after I get answers to my questions. Presumably somewhere “out there” must know the answers.

    Hooray – I entered “Codex plus ol” into search and it came up with Codex -“Writing Posts” At a quick look it probably answers all or most of my questions. If it does I shall let you know. However the material has six pages and I think a smaller piece just about my questions would prove useful to Users. I now have to go and will study the six pages on sunday and let you know.

    I checked on a number of matters and found that the symbols relate to HTML. I have looked up their meanings and have prepared an article on the items.

    I still need help with the first line below this reply box.

    I tried to use some of the symbols in this answer but when I tried to submit it, the system would not accept my posting so this time I will not use and see if I can post.

    <strong>I will try to make this sentence bold and see if I can post</strong>

    What you just posted WILL work, but you need to remove the backticks 🙂

    Nice to hsve an additional “face” to help. I now feel confused. What does the second point at the bottom mean. I interpreted it to mean that if I use code in this box I have to put it between backticks.

    On a second point do you happen to know why the symbols got put at the top. Why select three symbols about lists as copmpared with other possible “useful” symbols. Perhaps a history exists somewhere but not that important but read my posting above to answer the question why would I like to know

    If you want to show code, as it appears, you put it in backticks. That way , WE can see it and help you 🙂

    If you want to make your text bold, just use the code.

    Sorry for my delay in answering but computer offline.
    I do not understand the first part of your posting. When would I want to show the code and when would I not want to show the code. It seems I should use back ticks if I want help from an administrator. TRue or false?
    But when should I just want to use the code. Perhaps when I just want it to operate and do not want it to attract attention other than to the message.
    I still have problems with b-quote (please treat me with patience.) However your written background which I looked up suggest it may test you (joke)
    Presumably if I use quotes before and after something it comes from a source and I quote verbatim. True or False?
    What does the “a” below mean?
    Wopuld it improve the material if it stated “Put code in between backticks if you want an Admistrator to give it attention” If you agree I shall suggest it formally. If I understand correctly I will have to use Discussion. Sorry but all this material quite new to me.

    You’re really over thinking this 🙂

    These forums are for help. So when you need help, Sometimes it’s with code, right? And when you need help with code, you need a way to paste it in here so we, the volunteers (NOT the same as admins!) can read it and help you fix it 🙂

    That’s it. That’s all the code bit is for. Its for pasting code bits. No more, no less.

    Also? Here’s a secret. The admins are volunteers too. Which means if you need help, just post a descriptive title (I.e. “When I try to add a link, I get a php error ‘foobar'”) and then inside the post include the full error etc :). That’s it. That will get you help fastest.

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