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  • Hi! Could you please help me with some questions regarding amounts:

    Some of my products needs to be sold in length with the price indicated per meter (industry standard – so prices can be compared). But the amount ordered is not necessarily in integer, but is most often a decimal number. E.g. 3.7 (or 3,7 in EU) meters. Specifically these products can be sold in lengths from 0,5 meters to 25 meters, with each “step” (unit) being = 0,1.

    1) Is there any way of doing this with WooCommerce? (Or any reason why it might be utterly impossible?)

    2) My guess is that this is NOT doable “straight from the box” – in that case I would very much appreciate if anybody could give me a few pointers on how I should make a developer do this – what would be the best way to go about it?

    Thank you!

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