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    I think I have misunderstood what the categories are for.

    Once a month, bloggers in my group create a post for a specific purpose, and I manually pull them together on a single page of my blog with links to their posts. What I want is a plugin to do this automatically. It was suggested that an RSS aggregator would be the way to go. I was thinking that the category you refer to would allow me to bring in posts which the bloggers have given an agreed upon category, like “throwback thursday” would only bring in posts with that category, but in reading your FAQs on categories, it doesn’t sound like what I need. Can your plugin do what I need? If not, any chance you know what would? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    here is what the plugin can do…you can set up plugin categories (as many as you like), then assign any feed to one plugin category. So, if you create a post for a feed, you can assign that feed to a specific plugin category.

    Then, if you use the shortcode, you can display only that category anywhere on your site.

    If you use the Feed to Post, you can assign that plugin category to any of your WordPress categories – then use WordPress to show only that category on whatever pages you want (you may need another plugin that helps with this part if you can’t do that easily in WordPress).

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    This doesn’t sound like what I need. If I’m reading that right, that sounds like


    of each person’s posts would go into the category, whereas I want just a certain post from each blog in the category.

    I don’t want to import the posts, I just want to display title, author, date, excerpt, thumbnail, and link to each of their posts. I want to display the above on a static page, whose contents will change every month according to the new posts (each blogger posts on the fourth of the month about the topic). So I need to pull in only those posts which refer to that topic, which is the same every month, one per blogger, either with a category, tag or phrase in the content (which they would have to make sure the post contains).

    I hope I’m explaining this clearly. It’s kind of like the pages where I see “you may also like…” or “related posts” but instead of displaying other posts from MY blog, it would be one post from each of THEIR blogs, and only the one with the correct category/tag/phrase.

    Hmm, know of anything like that?


    Plugin Author Allen


    if you want to choose a specific item from each blog to come in, my plugin won’t do that…all it will do is bring in the RSS feed items (you can set that to be in draft mode, and then manually decide which should be published)…but that’s as much as the plugin can do.

    Ok, thanks again for answering so quickly!

    Since my native language is Swedish i might missunderstand this but let’s see if this might be something for you terry777.

    On my site i sometimes and in some category look for the same as you do and the rss-feed i fetch from is other blogs. I am furtunate that they have tags to the category and produce a rss-feed from each taq.

    So let’s say you like flowers and that’s a category, there is a lot of post in that category BUT you just want rss on TULIPS. Then, lets say you want just YELLOW TULIPS and then you can look for a feed like this. – if you are lucke maybe the site you are feetching from is organized this way, that i don’t know. I hope you undertsnd how i’m thinking over here is a SUPHOT south sweden … “water, i need water” 🙂

    The “example” above should result in feed/rss ONLY for Yellow tulips even if the site is about flowers in general.

    Plugin Author Allen


    also, since you can put a filter on any category, if you want only feed items that have certain words in the title or content, you can use that as a filter and then the plugin will only bring in items that have those words in the title or content.

    Thank you redhawkssuport, that may work! I tried it with one feed, and it worked on that, so if I can figure out the other feeds, it may do the job! I had no idea I could specify a category in a feed.

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