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  • just sent an email notifying customers that they can use a new JavaScript/CSS publishing script on their site to get improved caching & font compression. The big difference is that the URL for this is now rather than Now, it appears this plugin has .com hard coded into it. Here’s how & where to update this.

    Open modules/fonts-com/fonts-com.php and go to lines 503 and 506. These set the URL for both the JS & CSS embed methods. A simple change of swapping “” out for “” will get you up & running on the latest and greatest!

    I’d love to see this simple & quick adjustment made to the plugin officially.

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  • Plugin Author nickohrn


    This change has been pushed to trunk.

    Hi. I’m not a developer, just an ordinary web-surfer. I put a lot of entries in my hosts file to block my browser’s access to a lot of junk (advertising, click-tracking, beacons, twitter, fecebook, etc).

    I monitor the out-bound connections on my home LAN by looking at my router’s logs, and I’m seeing that one of my computer’s (my SO who is watching a lot of olympic stuff) is making a lot of hits to There isin’t a lot of info about that server on the net – this blog is one of them.

    I figured that before I add to my hosts file, I might as well ask someone what the effect would be of a browser not being able to contact that host. This looks to be as good a place as any to ask this question.

    Sure. is operated by in order to display licensed fonts on websites when the visitor doesn’t have the font(s) in question installed. Similar to how and work. Nothing nefarious as it’s simply used as a tool to display text as the designer intended (site owner pays a subscription cost to use said fonts as they’re licensed).

    Hope that clears it up!

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