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  • I am setting up a site and thought I had found a solution with multisite. However, as I’ve been reading through the setup, I’m not so sure.

    I am setting up a network that has geographically based sub-sites. The parent site is a county level site and will contain all of the posts of the sub-sites, but not necessarily all of the pages. The child sites will contain posts that only pertain to their localities, although sometimes those posts will be shared with other localities. Each site – whether the county or local site – will have some of their own pages, but a few pages will be shared. Each site will also have their own headers and navigation. (They will link out to each other as part of the navigation for each site.) Sidebars/footers could be customized per site, too. However, all sites will be based from the same theme to share an overall look. Each site would also use its own domain name.

    Because I will be one person managing all of these sites and because these sites will share posts, I want this to be managed as efficiently as possible.

    Am I looking at using multisite or something else? The codex setup for multisite says this:

    For example, if all you want is for different collections of web pages to look very different, then you can probably achieve what you want in a single site by using a plugin to switch themes, templates, or stylesheets.

    Is this where I’m headed? Do I just need a plugin to switch templates per post? But won’t that restrict me to using one template per post?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • From what you’ve described, your system could work well in either a network installation, or in a single site with some smart navigation.

    If you’re going to use a network, then you can set up each site with it’s own theme and templates, and each one will be it’s own “stand-alone” site. They won’t share pages/posts/etc s oany shared resources like that would be best posted on the main site as that’s about as close to “universal” as you’ll get without having multiple copies of things around different sites.

    If you use a single site, you can set up posts to be in different categories and set the categories up as whatever regions that you want. The biggest advantage of this is that you can keep everything under one single site and one single admin area. If you want different templates for each section it’s actually pretty easy. There’s a lot of information in the Themes area, so have a look through that and see if it makes sense.

    As a personal thing, I’d keep this as one single bigger site with different sections. There’s a few reasons behind this, but the biggest reasons are that it’s a single admin area so no getting lost in all of the differnt sub-sites if you want to change anything, and one big site works better with SEO then a bunch of smaller sites. The bigger the site, the more authority it looks like it has, so under most circumstances the more pages the better.

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