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    Hi: Yoast is reporting WordPress major update to 5.0 is TODAY. I can’t find anywhere that says TinyMCE Advanced will continue to work instead. I certainly hope so!!! Not ready for Gutenberg or 5.0… What’s the difference between this and Classic Editor?

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    TinyMCE Advanced works pretty well in the Block Editor (Gutenberg) “Classic Block” (well, there are few bugs in the Classic Block but not caused by this plugin).

    If you want to keep the old editor, you can install the Classic Editor plugin: By default it restores the old editor, and has few more options that let you use both editors side-by-side.

    Thanks. Still unclear. I don’t plan to use Gutenberg. Not for a long while or never. I don’t plan on updating WP to 5.0 right at Holiday time! I want to continue using the editor that works and I’m familiar with, yours! If TinyMCE is out of the picture I’ll get the Classic. Don’t understand difference, and can’t BELIEVE WordPress comes WITHOUT an editor in all these years and now this mess!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Ah, sorry, should have explained better 🙂

    There are two editors:

    1. The old WordPress editor (TinyMCE with the Visual and Text tabs, etc.) is often called the “Classic Editor”. It is also used inside the new editor in the “Classic” Block.

    2. The new editor, Gutenberg, is also called the “Block Editor”.

    This plugin, TinyMCE Advanced, will continue to work the same in the old/classic editor. It also works in the new/Gutenberg/Block Editor but only in the “Classic Block” there.

    If you want to completely disable the new editor, install the Classic Editor plugin. That plugin will return the old editor. It will also let you test the new editor (you need to change the plugin settings for that).

    Me too sorry, you do great work, always update TinyMCE… This may help others too, so let me ask again… Can I just leave TinyMCE as my editor as it has always been, not upgrade to Gutenberg at all or until later? Or MUST I get Classic editor, then from there choose the options you seem to say are available. Sounds like Classic will work right away and TinyMCE may work with more tweaks. But only within Gutenberg? If that’s the case and one doesn’t want to use Gutenberg, then Classic is what we’re stuck with? Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    No problems 🙂

    There are the options:
    1. If you want to continue using the old editor (also called “Classic Editor”), you should install the Classic Editor plugin before upgrading to WordPress 5.0. No need to change any options there, it will disable the new editor by default. The old editor will work exactly the same way as it works now, in WordPress 4.9.

    2. If you want to try the new editor (also called “Gutenberg” or “Block Editor”) you can upgrade to WordPress 5.0. Then the TinyMCE Advanced plugin will continue working in the new editor inside the Classic Block.

    If you do # 1, later on you can enable both the old and the new editors side-by-side and choose which editor to use for each post.

    If you do # 2, you can install the Classic Editor plugin later and enable the old editor.

    So, no matter what happens, you will always be able to choose which editor to use 🙂

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