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    first, EME is a great plugin, i love it!

    I´m having some trouble, my site is gonna have lot´s of events and i don´t want the user to have to fill a form for every event he wants to be, so i would like to have him register in my WordPress (aswering some custom fields) and once he is logged he would have just to click in a button to book to an event without filling a form again

    i have looked around the documentation and this forum but i can´t find an answer, is this possible?

    thanks in advance

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  • Plugin Author Franky


    Yes this is possible: you can choose to allow bookings only for logged-in wp users, and then their name and email info is taken from their profile. You can also set the minimum number of seats to book to 1 (and the max also if wanted), so then they would just click on “Register” and done.

    but can i get some extra info from his profile so it shows in the event list, like his address?

    Plugin Author Franky


    That’s currently not possible … you can post a feature request for that at

    no idea how i could solve that for now? even if i have to put the form with extras fields and put display:none to it…

    thanks for the reply

    Plugin Author Franky


    What you can try: create extra form-fields (see ) and then use the wordpress form filter eme_add_booking_form_filter (see ) to change the value of that field to be what you want (e.g. the address) and make it read-only.

    i´m sorry, how can i do that? i already have the custom fields in the profile

    so in my theme function.php i should put something like what?

    function eventrec($booking) {
    Plugin Author Franky


    Read up on filters here:
    and links to filter info as well.

    thank you

    found a simple solution that doesn´t require much, i´m posting it here so it might help someone else

    this is how i done it:

    1- i´ve created the extra user profile fields and modified the registration page so it requires it when the person is registering

    2- i´ve created the extra fields on events made easy

    3- i installed the plugin User meta shortcodes

    4- last, on EME configuration > RSVP > RSVP: Form Format
    place there the 3 required fields like that #_NAME #_EMAIL #_SEATS
    but the extra fields, instead of placing like #_FIELD1, #_FIELD2…
    you place like this
    <input type='text' name='FIELD1' value='[userinfo field="last_name"]{{empty}}[/userinfo]'>

    replacing the “last_name” with the indentifier of the wp user profile field you want

    Plugin Author Franky


    Nice clean solution! I didn’t know that plugin, but it seems to work nicely.

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