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  • Hi there

    Though I know my way around HTML and CSS, I’m still a youngling in WordPress theme design. I’d appreciate any help and suggestions, or – at least – being pointed into a definitive direction.

    Here’s where I’m at and what I want to achieve…

    The homepage setup:

    • The homepage for my site is a static page that uses a custom page template
      • I’ve created the homepage static page in wp-admin in the pages menu
      • I set the page to use my custom page template (home.php) in Page Editor – Page Attributes – Template
      • I set the homepage (Front Page) to a static page in Admin – Settings – Reading
    • All working.

    The content page and what I want to do:

    • I have created a static page named “The Content Page” (with the slug: /the-content-page, and the post id: 2)
      • I want this page to be hidden (I’m using WP3.1’s menu managment, so I figured I’d just not include it)
    • I want to pull the content from this page (the-content-page) into a div in my custom homepage template (home.php)
      • Obviously, I want this to happen outside of my main loop
      • This is not happening in a sidebar (so please don’t suggest plugins)
      • Most importantly, I want the content without any formatting.
        • And, possibly have the option to change the formatting as I see fit, like changing the title output (like wrapping it in an h3 instead of h2), text output, etc

    Where I’m at:

    I figured I should be using “get_page” to achieve this (?) and have gone through a number of posts and forum suggestions on how to achieve this. Most notably, this one:

    But the output in these examples outputs the content as it is in the original post.

    Could anyone please give me the code snippet to achieve what I want to do here? Or point me to a (forum) post that outlines this definitively? Really, any constructive help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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