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    Hi when I set up the custom field it asks for new custom field name, even if I pre make some custom field in wordpress editor and type that exact custom field in wp user frontend custom field settings, the custom field automatically adds the “cf_” in front of my already existing custom field!

    The question is how do I use existing Custom field or remove the “cf_” ?

    I can just use the “cf_price” and rename to “price” in WP user frontend but normal post editor it would show “cf_price”

    Thanks everyone


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  • Ok I found a way but not sure if it will cause any errors or crashes!

    find and edit wp-user-frontend/admin/custom-fields.php

    look for the “cf_” and delete them, there are 4

    Maybe you can modify the code and start by not removing “cf” on all the names, but only for those that match existing data on your site. Also, you may also want to consider altering your database (backup, and do it on a test site!!!) and add “cf_” to the existing data to make it compatible with this plug-in and future updates. This could be done via MySQL… Good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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