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  • is issue the value or the field? If you only want issue to appear, you can just add /issue/%…% If it will be a dynamic string, then it would be beyond my realm to figure out.

    I don’t think you could use a custom field in the permalink (but i wouldn’t be surprised to be proved wrong). So your issues are different from your categories?

    tnx for the replies.

    issue is the field. the value varies, as it denotes the issue number (i.e. issue #43).




    A plugin would be needed to help WordPress know what to do with the new query string element. It’s not terribly hard, but not trivial, either.

    tnx, skippy. could such a plugin be already in existence? 🙂

    any update?

    Interested too, in any system for having issue numbers to add to each post, and an application as link + URL to browse posts with through their issue number as in a journal. This could be, as mentioned above, a ‘custom field’.

    In general I’m interested in any application, tweak or plugin to achieve WordPress being something like a press newspaper, journal or magazine.

    Thanx for any help/ advice,

    Anyone who has a solution to this? 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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